About ADGI:

Collaboration equals innovation

We bring our core values of collaboration, driving value from every action, transparency, innovation from insight rather than inspiration, creativity, and testing our assumptions to every part of every engagement.


We are a team of experts who come together based on project need led by Karyn Zuidinga, who has 20 years experience in the digital space leading innovation and user experience projects for a wide range of organizations from Fortune 500 organizations to start ups.

Her passion for the right solution for a given problem and for fearlessly reaching for excellence is what sets her apart. She has lead diverse teams and worked with a myriad of clients to great results. At the core she uses her warmth and open communication to ensure that everyone on the team is aligned on a common set of values. This has been the secret to her success.

We know that you, your team, and your problem are unique. We also know that while we can offer types of services, what you need may be some or all of some or all of them. We will assemble a custom approach and team of experts based on your business’ individual needs.

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