ADGi's Catalyst Program:

Growth today, innovation tomorrow

Catalyst is a three-stage program designed to drive growth as well as uncover your customer’s unmet needs so that we can identify the right innovation opportunities for tomorrow.

Stage 1


Ingenious Design Research

Unlike the typical one-and-done usability or user research studies, Ingenious Design Research is a research program that will BOTH improve growth today - by helping to optimize various aspects of your curent product or service - as well as find the right disruptive innovation opportunities for tomorrow - by identifying your customer’s unknown and unmet needs.

How are our research methods ingenious?

While always making sure that we are collecting solid data (not merely anecdotes) we are able lean on our depth of expertise to bend and adjust the research methods so that we can find the insights you need to grow today and innovate tomorrow.

For instance, we

  • Developed a story-based survey method
  • Created a tool to manage field testing devices
  • Found a way to gather statistical data in a diary study
  • Studied a difficult to find B2B group using workshops

How are we able to do this?

  1. We have the experience and huge toolkit to draw from.
  2. We are able to think both tactically and strategically about your product or service offering, considering both the relatively surgical questions like how to optimize or improve, but also knowing how to dig deeper to the more strategic questions.
  3. By looking at the problem through multiple lenses — in a program of research — rather than a one-off engagement, we can listen for what’s not being said and identify your customer’s current unmet needs as well as start to predict their future unmet needs.

The first challenge is to figure out the right way to ask the right questions at the right time

The world is changing fast. Your business and customers are unique as are your business challenges. Why would you want to use the same old approaches that everyoone else is using?

We work with you to quickly get to the core question that needs to be asked, then we craft an approach that allows us to get to that question.

Stage 2


Generating Positive Turbulence

There are opportunities waiting to be exploited either from emerging technology or in levereging solutions from other verticals. When you explore these oportunties in the context of knowing your customer’s unmet needs, you have greatly reduced the risk of innovation and have the potential of leveraging positive turbulence sooner than your competitors.

We have a great depth of experience, we have worked in a wide range of industries. We are creators and innovators. As a result, our network includes some of the most creative, interesting, and progressive leaders in North America.

Why should you be interested in positive turbulence?

Chances are there are a number of very creative people on your team but after working hard and focusing on the problems at hand, their creative engine is not firing well.

Put simply, your team is too close to the existing technology to see new product opportunities.

How goes generating positive turbulence work?

Generating Positive Turbulence is about exploring adjacent technologies and solutions, crating an environment that’s open to change and creativity, and ensuring leadership and management are aligned on an innovation strategy.

In the Ingenious Design Research stage we’ll start to identify some adjacent technologies or solutions we should explore. This exploration can come in various forms from inviting speakers to come and share experience to lunch and learns to diving journal into articles. Rekindling and managing creativity, inviting the team to think outside the box, is achieved through working sessions where we move beyond mere brainstorming into productive solutions. Finally, we will work with you to ensure leadership and management alignment on an overall innovation strategy. This is typically delivered in the form of a workshop or working session so that the direction and intention are clear to everybody.

Stage 3


Concept Development

The outcomes of the Ingenious Design Research and from generating Positive Turbulence will drive Concept Development for both your current product or service and your Next Big Thing.

We'll base our deliverables on what you need. That might be as simple as hashing it out with you on a whiteboard, it may include creation of wireframes and design mockups, it may include development of a prototype. Or, especially if we're crating a whole new product, it may include a series of working sessions where your team and ADGi work together to iterate, prototype and test the solution.

Our intention is to support your team in the most efficient way we can. That may mean we act as a coach/mentor or that may mean we take it all on.

What are the outcomes?

The process is designed so that you are very quickly gathering insights:

  • Insights to drive growth right now
  • Innovation without the high risk - because the program is based on design research, we know that anything we develop is going to solve a real problem your customers face.
  • Innovation that fits the corporate strategic roadmap - because we work with you to design products based on research outcomes, in combination with outputs from Positive Turbulence Exploration, we can align your solutions within the corporate DNA.
  • Innovation that is supported by stakeholders - because we have engaged stakeholdersin research and Positive Turbulence Exploration, they are already primed for bold new ideas.


Benefits of Catalyst

  • Because we are building a culture of creativity and aligning leadership to an innovation strategy, there is much less push back when new ideas are introduced.
  • Because innovation recommendations are coming from design research, they are based on understanding real customer needs; the likelihood of success is much higher.
  • Because our offering is modular and customized we can fit what we do to your needs.

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