Growth vs innovation:

is this your ongoing battle?

The product manager's dilemma: growth vs innovation

What would you choose? You are a successful, smart product manager. Your product has seen steady year-over-year growth. You expect this year will be the same. But you’ve started to see some potentially troubling signs for your product on the horizon. It may be only a blip, it might be something worse. What do you do?


Work on optimization, improve the UX, work on the usability, drive converstion.

Focus on Growth!


Work on a new product or new market, explore emerging technologies

Focus on Innovation!

Introducing Catalyst, ADGi's 3-Part Innovation Program that finds effective growth opportunities for today and the right disruptive innovation opportunities for tomorrow.

symbol Ingenious Design Research

Unlike the typical one-and-done usability or user research studies, Ingenious Design Research will BOTH improve growth now - by helping to optimize various aspects of your curent product or service - as well as find the right disruptive innovation opportunities for tomorrow - by identifying your customer’s unknown and unmet needs.

symbol Concept Development

The outcomes of the Ingenious Design Researchand from generating Positive Turbulencewill drive Concept Development for both your current product or service and your Next Big Thing.

symbol Generating Positive Turbulence

We all know that creativity and an openness to change are essential for any kind of innovation.
By generating Positive Turbulence through activities like inviting speakers to help identify new opportunities to be exploited, having creativity building sessions to unlock the creative potential of your team and innovation strategy alignment workshops to focus leadership and management on a common innovation strategy we will create an environment that fosters creativity and openness to change.

  • Insights to drive growth right now
  • Innovation without the high risk - because the program is based on design research, we know that anything we develop is going to solve a real problem your customers face.
  • Innovation that fits the corporate strategic roadmap - because we work with you to design products based on research outcomes, in combination with outputs from Positive Turbulence Exploration, we can align your solutions within the corporate DNA.
  • Innovation that is supported by stakeholders - because we have engaged stakeholdersin research and Positive Turbulence Exploration, they are already primed for bold new ideas.

Ready to grow today and find 
innovation opportunities for tomorrow?

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