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We have worked with clients of all sizes and types including Fortune 500 clients like AT&T, Amazon, and Samsung, Goverment Agencies and institutions like the BC Ministry of Finance, City of Vancouver, and Simon Fraser University, small businesses like RC Pets, and startups like CareTeam and Wisely Software.

RC Pets - Key Wins


RC Pets - innovating in B2B

RC Pets has been in business for over 20 years. Starting out with a rough idea to make super fun but high quality leashes and collars for dogs, they’ve grown into a thriving pet products business that makes everything from cute raincoats for ‘wet coast’ dogs to rugged packs and safety gear. They are the top choice for pet retailers who want to carry quality products.

RC Pets was looking for a significant jump in growth and knew that to get there they needed to innovate their online ordering system and overhaul their B2B website.

The old online ordering system was out-of-date and costing the company money.

Employees were correcting mistakes, entering orders into their ERP manually, and the sales team was placing simple orders for customers and losing opportunities to find new customers.

After working with the team to identify key pain points, conducting research with key stakeholders, we proposed a new strategy for the site and created a new online ordering system working with the RC Pets team, their ERP and CRM verndors to integrate the system.

Key wins for the project are:

  • After launch RC Pets reported their best sales year ever, with overall sales increasing 29%.
  • Within 6 months of launch, online sales accounted for over 12% of total sales, up from less than 1%.
  • Customer service is spending less time fixing orders or placing orders for customers and more time signing up new customers.
  • The sales team is using the site as a key demonstration tool, especially at trade shows.
  • The marketing team is looking for new ways to leverage the site in social media and other forums.

Wearables - Key Wins


Smart devices - innovating in wearables

A leading electronics manufacturer — a dominant player in the smartphone market — was about to launch a new wearable product. The product was beautifully crafted and well thought out in terms of both the physical and interface design. The challenge for our customer was that the device was so new, so cutting edge, so advanced, it was not clear how their customers would receive it.

Our client was anxious to ensure the initial customer experience with this hot new device was exceptional and to understand where customers might need additional support. They knew that to do that, they’d need to dig a little deeper into how real people use the device in real situations.

They knew that a key step in developing this device into a commercially successful product would be to send it out into the wild... but in a controlled way.

A multi-layered study

We designed a multi-layered study to examine the customer experience in the crucial first two-week window.
We tracked initial experience, usage, usability issues, and changes perception/attitude over that time. We looked for ideas to overcome any initial challenges and longer term innovations that the company could implement.

Key wins for the project are:

  • Usability issues were corrected
  • While customers loved the device, both its concept and design, the functionality was not quite right and they struggled to find the niche for this product in their daily lives
  • Functionality adjustments over two new versions of the device have had much higher user acceptance

SaaS - Key Wins


Software - innovating in SaaS

A large global software company — the de-facto industry standard for certain sectors — had been exploring the shift to software as a service (SaaS) and wanted to make some products cloud- and subscription-based.

The benefits of the move are obvious:
- Users benefit because they never have to upgrade and don’t have a big upfront cost.
- The software company benefitted from a much higher touch with their customers and much greater visibility into what customers are doing with the software.

Finding the line between intrusive (creepy) and excellent service (cool)

As a result, there is the opportunity to deliver a higher degree of service than they could have with a licensing and purchase-based model. The risk, however, is that with this much higher visibility into the customer’s actions, preferences, and usage patterns, it is relatively easy to step over a line and go from helpful, excellent service, to creepy and intrusive. The challenge is finding that line and delivering great service up to but not beyond.

We developed an in-depth story-based survey method that allowed us to examine various creepy versus cool scenarios along a set of common dimensions.

Key wins for the project are:

  • build a model showing exactly where the line between creeepy an cool exisits for this kind of SaaS according to gender, age, region, etc.
  • use the model to create a clear set of guidelines for privacy policy, marketing and product development
  • identified features that customers will feel are “magical” providing an innovation roadmap

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